Let’s pollinate the planet together!


Our mission is to develop abundant habitats for pollinators to survive and thrive.

We do so by reaching out to individuals, communities and businesses. We involve them in low key, fun campaigns and activities, and provide them with knowledge and practical tools to work on effectively restoring biodiversity. We offer workshops on topics such as pollinators, and we also get our hands dirty by organizing planting or sowing days that everyone can join.

Pollinators are keystone species that show us how everything in nature is connected. They teach us about the importance of biodiversity and they inspire us to restore nature.

With our approach we create a bottom up movement dedicated to the well-being of bees and butterflies, so that all life can thrive.


About The Pollinators

Without pollinators there would be no life. Most of the world’s food production is depending on pollination. However, biodiversity is decreasing due to large scale agriculture. We are The Pollinators. We are creating a healthy environment for the pollinating species. The Pollinators are a community and a platform that mainly focuses on supporting and connecting people and initiatives that protect and stimulate the pollinators and biodiversity.

Our campaigns


Voer de Bij Bij (Feed The Bees)

In the spring, we go wild, sowing the seeds of change. Join us in our mission to BEE-friend the pollinators! Pick up free native flower seeds and transform your surroundings into a haven for our buzzing buddies. It’s a chance to give back to these small but vital creatures who play a key role in our ecosystems. Ready to lend a hand?



November is no ordinary month; it’s Treevember! It’s the time to plant hope, growth, and a greener future. Join us in planting trees in food forests across the country. By doing so, you’re contributing to biodiversity and supporting a shift in the way we do agriculture. Every weekend, a different location, a fresh start. Will you be part of the growing movement?