Plant Trees for more Bees
and World Peace

Increase biodiversity, help pollinating species, transform agriculture. Celebrate life and plant trees together in the food forests that participate in Treevember!

How cool would it be if the month of November was known as the month to plant trees and that we start calling it Treevember? With that in mind, The Pollinators held tree planting activities last year. This is an extension of the Tree Fest, which was organized in Amsterdam in 2018 and in Rotterdam in 2019, where thousands of trees were planted in the food forests there. This year during Treevember we are organizing four Tree Fests, as well as working days in various food forests throughout the country.

Why Treevember?

It’s time for an ode to the tree. After all, trees are not only beautiful to look at, but also essential for the well-being of the planet. They provide cooling and shade, help to keep the soil healthy, store CO₂, promote biodiversity and provide food for animals and humans. Food forests combine all these properties and are therefore the highlight of Treevember.

But we also think it is important to be together as social beings, create together, enjoy art and music together, learn together and experience nature together. Hence Tree Fest: a festival that you won’t leave until your hands have been in the dirt. Take a quick look at where our activities are taking place and what you can do during Treevember.

‘There should be more Tree Fests!’ ~ Prof. dr. Matthijs Schouten

Tree Fest

Planting trees is a joy! That’s why we have Tree Fest. A festival with educational workshops, art, music, good food and of course planting trees. You won’t just be planting trees, but during Tree Fest you will help to plant food forests. Every weekend in November. At four different locations across the country.

A Tree Fest is built around our TREE model: Tree planting, Regeneration, Education, Experience.

Tree planting; We plant trees (but also shrubs and herbs) which will form a food forest.

Regeneration; By planting trees, we help to restore soil health, restore biodiversity and support pollinating species. Planting trees together also creates a connection with each other and with our environment.

Education; Besides planting trees, you will also learn a lot of other things during Tree Fest. About food forests, about the importance of trees and biodiversity, about insects and other creatures.

Experience: A Tree Fest is about experience. Deepening, connecting and celebrating life.


In the month of Treevember you can help out at a food forest throughout the country. It is an accessible way to get acquainted with a food forest and to hear how it all works.

Below you will find the agenda. Currently empty but soon to be filled. Click on an activity and sign up immediately. You will learn about biodiversity, food production and it’s fun too.

the pollinators

Treevember was created by The Pollinators. This fast-growing collective of citizens and companies is committed to the well-being of pollinating species and the restoration of biodiversity. The Pollinators started in 2016 and have already moved tens of thousands of people to commit themselves to pollinators and biodiversity through eye-catching campaigns. Planting a large variety of trees helps enormously to achieve the objectives of The Pollinators. Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, or food forests, as The Pollinators usually call it, has a major role to play in this.