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We are the pollinators
We believe that healthy ecosystems are essential for a flourishing planet
We consider biodiversity and soil
as the keys to abundant life
We want to restore and rehabilitate
We sow seeds and plant trees
We believe that nature knows best
So we always ask ourselves:
what would nature do?
We love to get our hands dirty
We love life
We are contagious

About The Pollinators
Without polllinators there would be no life. Most of the world's food production is depending on pollination. However, biodiversity is decreasing due to large scale agriculture. We are The Pollinators. We are creating a healthy environment for the pollinating species.  The Pollinators are a community and a platform that mainly focuses on supporting and connecting people and initiatives that protect and stimulate the pollinators and biodiversity.

The Pollinators is an initiative of The Tipping Point in collaboration with Nudge. In 2016 it started together with our sponsor de Bijenkorf. At this moment more than 20 initiatives already connected as well as a few great partner organizations. Are you joining too?

The Pollinators
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